2008 WTF??

Kalle Happonen kalle.happonen at iki.fi
Sat Aug 9 20:26:27 CEST 2008

Bumbl wrote:
> As it seems they have the contrary.
> They have a leader which seems to dictate everything without
> accepting ideas from the developers or the community.
Well, that's just mean. It's not like they don't listen to the community 
or communicate with it, on ALL levels. But it's not like all community 
ideas can be implemented immideately, and that everyone can be made 
happy. Anarchy doesn't work even in open source.

I think 2008.08 is in most ways a step forward. And in the things that 
aren't like that.. sometimes you have to take a half step back to get 
two steps forward. Constructive criticism is the best help one can give, 
but bitching is just stupid.

> Dimitri wrote:
>> It's hard to argue with your points, since the phone STILL can't connect to
>> the internet *out-of-the-box*.
>> (Who wants to manually hack a dozen files, or install some guy's
>> half-working gui posted on some blog that requires google-translate to
>> read?)
>> Why the developers are spending time breaking things that were previously
>> worked (see ASU keyboard), rather than fixing what's broken and in desperate
>> need of fixing, is beyond me.
>> Is it a lack of leadership? For this aggressive undertaking to be
>> successful, it needs at least one person to prioritize, delegate, and lead
>> the other developers.
>> Is there such a person at Openmoko? If not, that's the problem. Having a
>> team of developers, without clear leadership, is akin to herding cats :)
>> D
>> ted braak wrote:
>>> I have real doubts about the some Quality Assurance aspects of this team. 
>>> Also I don't see real dedication and vision to get rid of bugs and produce
>>> something stable and usable. It looks like there is more effort in
>>> bringing us bling. 
>>> I think bling is something that can be created by the community itself. 
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