2008 WTF??

steve steve at openmoko.com
Sun Aug 10 18:13:31 CEST 2008

I'll Agree in part that the web shop could be clearer. So we will fix that.
Shipping with Qtopia really wasn't an option, given the schedules.
So, when the phone went into production qtopia was not quite ready. 
Trust me we considered the path of doing a launch with Qtopia.   

So, We finished a basic Dialer, SMS and contacts and shipped with that.
Then Qtopia becomes available
Then 2008.8 becomes available
Then FSO becomes available. 

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 2008-08-09 klockan 20:02 -0700, steve:
> If you want a ready to use phone you can always download the Qtopia 
> distrubtion onto your freerunner and get A perfectly great ready to 
> use phone. Then you can wait while 2008.8 matures and then download it 
> when It is end user ready.

I agree but think you're doing it wrong.

Look at the actual text at
http://us.direct.openmoko.com/products/neo-freerunner - you really should
ship with Qtopia or emphasize that there's a lot of work to be done to be
able to use the phone reliably.

Two out of four links on the start page doesn't mention that the phone isn't
ready for the average phone user. ABC7 mentions that this phone is more
suitable to programmers, Boing boing's third comment says that the software
isn't mature.

I can't and won't argue with anyone being mad about the phone not meeting
their expectations - I believe OpenMoko's official web site does a pretty
good job on bringing those false expectations to potential customers.

Until the OM team fixes this, I'll quietly stand by while people complain
about this wonderful product (I love it, I knew what I bought but that
wasn't based on information from openmoko.com).

/ Fredrik Wendt,  a happy customer

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