2008 WTF??

steve steve at openmoko.com
Sun Aug 10 21:25:23 CEST 2008

 Here is a good start.
If you want  fully functional smart phone, Then download the Qtopia
If you want to help OM develop it's end user applications, then download
2008.8. It's still Alpha, which
means its not feature complete, but it will give you an idea of the
direction we are headed.


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2008/8/10 Flyin_bbb8 <flyin.bbb8 at gmail.com>

Hahaha :p 

iphone geeks :-) (ow, i said it)

The funny thing is, in my idealistic brain, I thought geeks shouldn't even
want the iPhone...  I know I don't want to have anything to do with that
closed system.  I am truly amazed at how many of the geeks I know actually
bought one.  I mean it seems like great hardware, but no way I want to get
locked into _any_ of apples products.  I lose respect for every geek that
buys one.  (talk about ow, yeah I said it... but I guess they're not reading
here anyway)...

And back on topic.  I think that the 2008.08 is definitely a major step
forward.  I have been using it since that morning and have found it to be
better than all the others.  I think their idea of telling people this is
the most stable is because they want everybody on the same page and right
now this is it.  No sense wondering, "should I stick with 2007.02 or ASU or
..."  This is the best we have, please try it...

I think the key thing other than documenting its _beta_ or _developer only_
state is to start improving the build process so that everyone [most of us]
can dive right in and get going helping out.

I really want to help out, but with limited time, I would do a lot better if
we had a very easy way to get started doing the development.  being able to
follow a _simple_ recipe for getting started and running a single script, or
make, rake, etc for doing the build would be great.  And I think creating
everything to work with Eclipse, a _free_ and very _open_ IDE would be a
great place to do this.

Here's to checking out a git version of the project and opening it in
Eclipse and compiling it!

Thanks again,

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