New Qtopia-Images fixes suspend problem nearly complete!

Craig B. Allen cba at
Sun Aug 10 23:30:17 CEST 2008

There is another problem that seems to plague not just all the OM
kernels but other projects (OLPC in particular, who have been trying
to solve this issue for a couple months) - the SD card partition being
trashed after a suspend/resume cycle.

My assumption is that this a problem with the Linux kernel and that
eventually a fix will emerge and several projects will cheer.

So while it's a plus that basic phone services work after
suspend/resume, I still cannot use my FR as a music player nor for
GPS, since I want both music and map files on my SD card.

But the phone services on Qtopia are an improvement over the alternatives.

>> I tested a few minutes ago with my Neo Freerunner the new qtopia image (4.32-080808) which was released yesterday. And I can report that the suspend problem is nearly completly fixed:
>> * I can suspend
>> * I can wakeup (pressing the startbutton)
>> * After suspend I can make and recieve calls
>> * It wakes up from suspend automatically when called and rings
Craig Allen

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