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Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) tony at
Mon Aug 11 06:12:30 CEST 2008

Hi Lynn-

Lynn Nguyen ??:
> I believe so. I used the openocd.cfg that is given on the wiki. I've 
> even followed the steps here:
> which seem to be legit. The step I get stuck on is running openocd. I 
> think maybe there is something wrong with the libftdi phase? I'm not 
> sure why I think that though. I just think that because I'm installing 
> that by hand as opposed to sudo apt-getting it. Is there a way to check 
> that openocd will use libftdi?
> Lynn

Not only use but also version related, I knew some of the libftdi 
version is not working well with could try but the lib 
binary in the same folder (How I use it in Fedora 5 before) if you did 
not install ftdi correctly. Maybe other people could give better suggestion.

Tony Tu (Neng-Yu Tu)

Openmoko, Inc.

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