Video demo: Openmoko Neo Freerunner Features Accelerometer-based Gestures, and Screen Orientation

Stroller stroller at
Mon Aug 11 20:05:27 CEST 2008

Great! Thanks for the info. This seems to give applications devs lots  
of potential.

Any chance of you adding "shakes" to the gestures? This would be  
ideal for the "ball bearings in a tin can" style of unread email  

I was about to say "any chance of you adding shaking to the  
gestures?" but after I waving my hand around like an idiot it seems  
to me that one's  natural movement is not to shake with the  
randomness I initially assumed. Instead, if I wanted to hear quantity  
of messages in my inbox, I would instinctively shake quickly right- 
and-returning-leftwards two to four times.

This adds the opportunity to shake forward and back a couple of times  
for number of SMS messages or for battery fullness (I like the  
Glasgow Uni's idea of using a splashing sound for that).

(Just read your subsequent posts - I'm glad to read that gestures can  
easily be taught to the device. But you also ask for suggested  
gestures, so I think these above would be useful. I envision them to  
be made quite rapidly.)


On 11 Aug 2008, at 17:46, Paul-Valentin Borza wrote:

> The fact that is currently undocumented is all my fault. Sorry for  
> that - I'll catch up this weekend. Till then, I have to work on the  
> release.
> Yes, there are 2 daemons, one that processes the gestures and sends  
> signals on dbus, and a listener daemon that listens for gestures  
> and runs the actions for each gesture.
>> I'm slightly disappointed that the "shaking inbox" wouldn't be  
>> accommodated by the gestures you've made available.
>> ...
>> A casual search doesn't reveal how your work is supposed to  
>> integrate on the device. Presumably it's a library or daemon which  
>> is intended to fulfil all gesturing requests from all other apps?  
>> Will it be easy to add new gestures?

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