No pin dialog/ qpe

Norbert Hartl norbert at
Mon Aug 11 20:20:15 CEST 2008

On Tue, 2008-08-12 at 03:26 +1000, Lorn Potter wrote:
> Norbert Hartl wrote:
> > On Mon, 2008-08-11 at 21:01 +1000, Lorn Potter wrote:
> >> Norbert Hartl wrote:
> >>> What is qpe exactly doing? I noticed a lot of problems
> >>> other people reporting like the no pin dialog. Looking 
> >>> at the device qpe uses 100% CPU for a long time. I don't
> >>> understand it but the CPU usage of qpe is capable to slow
> >>> down other things extremely. The SIM Pin dialog is working
> >>> with the new firmware but delayed through qpe.
> >>>
> >>> Holger Freyther gave me the hint that it is looking for 
> >>> media on the SD card. In 
> >>>
> >>> /opt/Qtopia/etc/default/Trolltech/Storage.conf
> >> That is one possible thing it is doing at startup. The idea is that it 
> >> is a phone, and you only startup in rare instances.
> >>
> > If we take a stable phone than you are right. 
> If you develop a phone for only developers, then thats what you get. A 
> phone that only a small niche of developers are going to want to use.
Are you serious? It is no end-user device right now. The behaviour 
at the moment prevents a lot of people to work with the freerunner
(use it as a phone) and therefor prevents acceptance. This change is 
so easy to revert if the situation changes that I can't understand what
you are saying. In my understanding you are forcing a situation which
you state you want to avoid. 

> > But at the moment
> > people need to start often and that leads to a situation where
> > these settings confuse a lot of people. 
> Then take the SD card entry out of the conf file.
I have fixed it already on my freerunner. I just like to give feedback
to the community. In my opinion discussions make sense. I find
something, some discuss it and if it is a good idea than maybe a few
take responsibility and change the code base. If it doesn't work that
way I don't understand the whole thing. There is no need trying to
teach me, thank you.

> > It is even there if
> > you start your phone the first time. To raise user experience
> > this search should be delayed and it should be assured that this
> > search is happening on a very low priority so it does not block
> > anything. There could be even an indicator that is visually
> > announcing the search. But let us be realistic :)
> >>> there is a section where qpe is configured for the media
> >>> it should search. For the SD card every media type is 
> >>> activated. So the qpe searches the SD card after booting
> >>> blocking a lot of other things. There are two issues for
> >>> me:
> >>>
> >>> - it is discussable if these settings are useful as default
> >>>   to search for media on the SD card. While being troublesome
> >>>   I would be against it
> >> If Qtopia is not allowed to search the SD card, it will not be able to 
> >> see/use files on it, so then why have it at all?
> >>
> > Because there is always something in between black and white. There
> > could be some intelligent way to detect when it is necessary to
> > refresh. And users are quite used to know that software is stupid
> > and they praise the existence of a manual trigger for such actions.
> The trigger is someone booting up, or inserting the SD card.

Then you know exactly what it does. What happens if a file is downloaded
from the internet and stored on the SD card? Does qpe recognizes this as
No matter what the answer is the current situation is not optimal. And I
would like to hear rather a proposal how to treat that instead of 
getting an explanation about "how _it_ works [tm]". Thanks again!



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