Om2008.8 keyboard wishlist

Daniel Benoy daniel at
Mon Aug 11 22:17:25 CEST 2008

I really like the newest on-screen keyboard, but I have some issues with it.  Here's my wish list:

- Learning
    If I use a word it should become a suggestion in the future.  It should expire over time, and the more often I use it the more likely it should be to be the prominant suggestion.

- Apostrophe
    The apostrophe character is used in the middle of ordinary words very commonly, and it's cumbersome to switch pages to get to it.  I think perhaps an exception should be made and it should have a place on the alphabet page.

- Get what I type
    I appreciate the suggestions that come up, but I would prefer it if one of the background (less preferable) suggestions was exactly what I typed.  If I want to type a non-dictionary word, I have to wait 2 seconds on every character push.  I would rather just tap it in, and then say 'okay, now use exactly what I typed'.  Alternatively, there could be some button that turns off the dictionary anticipation and just sends characters immediately.  (See the next suggestion for one such implementation)

- PC standard keyboard
    There are some circumstances where I want ctrl, alt, esc, PrintScr and the lot.  I'd like some kind of toggle to bring that up when I need it.  I recognize that it would be kinda silly to put this kind of functionality into an end-user product where those keys aren't likely to be pressed at all, but still, it's on my wish-list :)  Maybe there will be some easy way to configure that manually at some point.

Also, I'm interested in the imput method software called 'Dasher'  Perhaps someone might consider making a version of this which replaces the om2008.8 keyboard (Or you can toggle to it or something.)

Another thing that Dasher does that may be useful with openmoko, is that instead of dictionary files, it accepts 'training files' which are example files of ordinary typing, and it gets its suggestions for the next character/word while your typing from what's contained in that file, and what you've typed since.

Keep up the good work everyone! :)  Thanks to everyone who contributed to this so far :)
Daniel Benoy
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