Freerunner with latest qtopia, poor GSM

Tim Erwin taerwin at
Tue Aug 12 04:18:37 CEST 2008

> What I mean is, I had a stock OM build, that I had updated with opkg.
> Then I went and flashed it with the two files in the qtopia package this
> morning, that qtopia had just released.  I haven't tried to update it at
> all after flashing with qtopia.  But I notice the reception seems
> weaker, both in terms of how many bars I see, and how much spottier the
> coverage is in places where it was fine yesterday.

Oh ok, did you see this in the previous qtopia image?

>  There is no standard for what each bar represents. There's no
> industry defined standard for it. So it's quite possible that two
> different phone OSes will represent the same signal strength with a
> different number of bars.

Is there a way to get the signal strength from the api or directly
from the gsm? Then we could see if there are any actual differences.


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