Qtopia issues with 4.3.2-080808

Paul Buede paul at buede.com
Wed Aug 13 01:51:06 CEST 2008

I am not sure the most appropriate place for this, so I will post my
issues here and take them elsewhere if there is a better place for them.

I flashed with the qtopia-4.3.2-080808-rootfs-08081019.jffs2 and

1.  Since then, as has been noted, my reception is not as good as it was
with the stock OM build. 

2.  Also, speaker phone doesn't work, it just emits a loud constant beep
when in speaker phone mode.

3.  I can pair my bluetooth headset, but it won't work with calls.  I am
able to "ring" it through the bluetooth dialog, and it does show as an
option when I make a call, but if I select it, there is no sound from
it.  The headset does work with my treo 650, so I know it works.

4.  How do I change the number it uses to call voicemail?  It doesn't
seem set and I don't see where to set that value.  With ATT phones, you
are supposed to be able to hold down the 1, and it will call voicemail. 
I assume that is not the case with this phone and I will have to program
it to call my own number and then throw in a bunch of commas for waits,
and then hit * to access voicemail.  This is fine, I just want to be
able to set it.

5.  Is there any documentation on the Qtopia build?  For example, I am
going to export my contacts from palm desktop to a csv I suppose, and
then I will want to import it.  Not sure where or how best to do that
sort of operation.  Whats the right way to do updates on Qtopia?

Finally, my critical stuff is reception and calls, and phone functioning
on wakeup from suspend and such.  I will be happy to test other builds
and OS's if they get that level of stability. 


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