Illume patch/question

Yaroslav Halchenko at
Wed Aug 13 23:40:20 CEST 2008

ok -- lets make this thread active so it catches OM people's eyes

> struggling is the placement of the operator name label. I did not manage to 
I wonder if illume or whatever has ability to popup a 'hint' window
and also make that GPS icon react on the 'click' -- then the best
solution imho would be simply to bring that pop-up for few seconds where
provider/signal strength/etc is displayed... similar to 2007.2 display
when it gets connected to the GSM network

> Here are the patches:
> source:
> freerunner.edc:

> Btw, how should patches be submitted (trac entry, posting on the project page, 
> mail, ...)?
well -- my guess is through the trac BTS although it might be cumbersome

then it will not be lost in the hundreds of emails in the mailing list

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