next Qtopia

Mike Baroukh mike at
Thu Aug 14 08:43:59 CEST 2008

Webkit is a good news.
For GPRS, i couldn't make it works with 4.3 but I'll try again.
And with GPS ...
I hope it will really be  "real soon now"(tm)  ;) ...

thanks a lot.


Lorn Potter a écrit :
> Mike Baroukh wrote:
>> Does somebody knows when will next Qtopia version be relased (4.4) ?
>> And do you know what will be inside ?
>> (my hope : webbrowser and working gprs ...)
> All I can really say is that it will most likely be released "real soon now"(tm).
> Webkit is in 4.4. gps/mapping demo app, among other things.
> I haven't had time yet to look into gprs in any version. It is a script that should be in 
> /opt/Qtopia/bin called ppp-network which gets run by Qtopia.

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