Om2008.8 comments and questions

Helmut Tessarek ml at
Thu Aug 14 08:51:07 CEST 2008

Hi Jason,

> i think "basic stuff" is subjective.
> but obviously this wont be the same for everyone.

True, but 'send / receive phone calls' is on everybody's list.

> 3. is absolutely terrible. thought it would last at least a night in
> suspend. but it doesnt. so it wont ever even get to the alarm cause
> the phone is dead. the persistent lightning bolt is obviously a
> problem, but thatll get fixed eventually

Battery life is deinitely an issue and I hope this gets fixed.

> i agree with you on contacts to a degree, but i only need name =>
> number really. you sound like you have a lot of business contacts with
> emails and fax and postals.

Well, most of my contacts consist of a name and 1-4 numbers. Some of my contacts 
have email as well, but that's it. But I don't think that this makes a 
difference. Managing/Importing contacts is actually not present.


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