Is Neo1973 truly abandoned?

John Locke mail at
Thu Aug 14 20:03:43 CEST 2008

Wow. Just. Wow.

After being heads down on other projects for a while, I check in on the 
web site and read:

> Note that the Neo 1973 can not currently run the OM 2008.8 software 
> (the latest release), and that there are no immediate plans to make 
> that happen. Users should instead purchase a Freerunner if they wish 
> to participate in the Openmoko community. 

... and then I find a message to the list from Wolfgang at OpenMoko, saying:

> I am only aware of 1 (ONE) functioning GTA01 in the Taipei office. A  
> bit hard to do development and testing that way.
> Next week we will look at the Om 2008.8 on GTA01 situation:
> 1. how many people want this?
How many GTA01s did you sell? Gotta be a few thousand. I'm sure we all 
bought them assuming *someday* we'd have a usable phone. Right now, I 
have a usable GPS, thanks to TangoGPS, other than the fact that the 
battery dies before I finish most of my hikes (making it useless as a 
GPS, too, other than for novelty value).

When I got the GTA01, I assumed that someday it would be usable as a PDA 
and phone, and could hand off to my wife and then get a GTA02. Instead, 
I essentially have a $350 paperweight.

So when GTA03 comes out, does GTA02 get abandoned?

I'd say, the minimum that we need for GTA01 would:

1. have working, reliable GSM service to use as a phone
2. have working, reliable suspend/resume so that you can get more than 4 
hours at a time, without breaking the other features
3. provide working SMS,
4. have an address book, and calendar in some form that can be 
synchronized with desktop/online services
5. have a GPS/mapping software that works.

So as best I can tell, we have 4 out of 5, but not even in any 
combination that can be run together.

Can we at least get 1 to 4 done in some core release, so we can call it 
a phone?

John Locke
"Open Source Solutions for Small Business Problems"
published by Charles River Media, June 2004

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