Is Neo1973 truly abandoned?

Marek Lindner marek at
Thu Aug 14 20:53:33 CEST 2008

On Friday, 15. August 2008 02:03:43 John Locke wrote:
> How many GTA01s did you sell? Gotta be a few thousand. I'm sure we all
> bought them assuming *someday* we'd have a usable phone. Right now, I
> have a usable GPS, thanks to TangoGPS, other than the fact that the
> battery dies before I finish most of my hikes (making it useless as a
> GPS, too, other than for novelty value).

Currently we are wokring on a major infrastructure change (debian style 
package management) which will enable us to port Om 2008.8 to GTA01. Once 
this shift to the new style has been completed we wont have the perfect GTA01 
support yet but we are moving towards that direction. You can support that by 
helping us later on.

We have enough GTA01 lovers within Openmoko itself, so that it wont be 
forgotten.  :-)


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