WiFi issues (was Re: Using freerunner as a telephone)

freerunner freerunner at newkirk.us
Fri Aug 15 04:41:32 CEST 2008

I'm running 2008.08 and am also unable to get the Wifi tool
in 'Settings' to connect to a WPA-protected AP.  Manually
from terminal it works one time out of every 5 or 6
attempts. (oddly, likelihood seems greater if subsequent
attempts are immediate - the first attempt ALWAYS fails) 
The failed console attempts report that dhcp discover
failed, but deeper investigation shows that it does NOT have
WPA enabled on eth0.  Connection to unsecured AP works
(console or GUI) about 75% of the time.  

DNS seems to be picked up correctly from both WPA and open
networks, though I keep it pointing at a local djbdns
dnscache on the Freerunner.  (will probably work up an ipk
of that over the weekend - it makes a HUGE difference with
some things, for example tangoGPS apparently insists on
doing a new lookup of 'tile.openstreetmap.org' for every
single tile - cached localhost lookup is a huge time savings


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> * Wifi : not much success. There is a configuration
> application quite complete but it still need a little
> polish. WPA access did not work, and I think DNS config
> via DHCP (when on unencrypted wifi) didn't either, but
> since WPA was not ok, I did not test much. So encryption
> support needs to be activated/configured. But
> configuration app already is ready for it.

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