touch screen driving me nuts!

Tobias Diedrich ranma+openmoko at
Sun Aug 17 10:58:30 CEST 2008

-stacy wrote:
> My wife would argue that it is more of a putt than a drive... however,
> my touchscreen is having some serious issues.
> To demonstrate the problem, I created a 480x640 image with seven
> straight lines running across the screen, I installed mtpaint on my
> freerunner and attempted to trace the (blue) reference lines in red (I
> used a straight edge, so this isn't just my normal inability to draw a
> straight line freehand). I made three passes over each line to show the
> repeatability. The result is here:

Well, I don't have a big problem like that on my phone, but
sometimes the touchscreen coordinates seem to be off a bit.
That is, if I use for example the matchbox onscreen keyboard and tap
a key multiple times, maybe 1 in 10 taps or so is recognized 1-2
millimeters off (usually below where I touched).

And if I start numptyphysics and just shortly touch the same spot
again and again, I sometimes get little 1-2mm strokes instead of
just a dot.

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