Navit patch for faster map dragging

Florian Hackenberger f.hackenberger at
Sun Aug 17 15:34:24 CEST 2008

On Sunday 17 August 2008, Holger Freyther wrote:
> Fantastic, did you consider sending the patch upstream?
I'll wait a few days. Usually I'm not satisfied with the first version 
and keep improving it. I don't want to steal the time of the navit 
developers by sending a stream of consecutive patches.
	One thing which still annoys me is the flicker while panning. I'm not 
familiar with gtk and have not yet found a way to disable display 
refreshes while doing a series of drawing operations. Any help is 


PS: Please download the ipk using wget and then invoke opkg on the 
downloaded file (instead of invoking opkg using the URL). There seems 
to be a problem with opkg and the apache gzip compression.

DI Florian Hackenberger
florian at

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