touch screen driving me nuts!

-stacy slm3095om at Millions.Ca
Sun Aug 17 16:01:40 CEST 2008

Lorn Potter wrote:

> Have to tried to calibrate the touchscreen? I think its called
> xcalibrate, or you can use ts_calibrate from the commandline without X,
> or Qtopia has a calibrate application.

I have tried that. The biggest problem is that the area in the middle of 
the screen where the line breaks, is just plain dead, so I can't 
actually tap on last cross-hair.

> Try that, and if it still as wonky, I would say the digitizer is broken.

Not knowing anything about touch screens, is the digitizer something 
that I might be able to replace or is it some surface mount thing that I 
would be doing good to see much less desolder.


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