Navit patch for faster map dragging

Lothar Behrens lothar.behrens at
Sun Aug 17 19:49:14 CEST 2008

Am Sonntag, den 17.08.2008, 18:36 +0200 schrieb Florian Hackenberger:
> > But still an issue I see with big routes that are propably
> > recalculated at application startup. Consumes much CPU time and
> > partly blocks the UI.
> I haven't got routing to work here with the OSM maps. It may be a 
> problem with the map data though. Maybe I'll have a look at it as soon 
> as routing works for me.

I have downloaded the germany map from the quicklinks section on the 
following page:

Or exactly this command on openmoko shell: wget -O germany.bin,46.845703125,15.46875,55.634765625

This file could be directly used as a binary map file.

After that I have selected a target more far away from my satellite
position and let it calculate the route. This may take some time where
you don't have a reaction on the Navit GUI (by clicking somewhere).

If the route is calculated, restart navit and let it go to the lock
screen. Wait a while and try to unlock :-)

Before that all, open a ssh session and start top to look at the CPU
usage. Also there you can kill navit.

Symptoms conditions: I am in my living room with less sattelites or none
(as of writing this line: Satellite 10/5 HDOP: 2.5 Speed ~ 2.7 km/h)

I think and that I have posted in one of my prior postings, the tracking
is activated and thus the path would be recalculated always as the
position changes a bit.

What I will do or try to do, is comparing that with a desktop run
connecting to the OpenMoko (GPS).


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