stupid guy! thinks it's a train wreck!

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On Monday 18 August 2008 00:49:52 Flyin_bbb8 wrote:
> hahahah this guy is really stupid,, check it out.. be sure to check out his
> comments!!!

Yeah what an eyeroller :p

I've said this before, but I think openmoko should not have shipped this version of the phone with any software.  The big problem people have with this (and with Linux on the PC) is that they're used to having no choice.

They're used to being told exactly what on-screen keyboard they have to use, and what interface they have to bring up their software, and when they're allowed to cough or scratch their butts.  When they see the nasty matchbox keyboard, they balk and say 'This is what they've given us?  That makes this $400 investment totally useless!!  Might as well pitch it out now!  Might as well use it as a paperweight!' or whatever their complaint is, they assume it means the device is flawed.

I've encountered the same ignorance when trying to explain Linux on the desktop as well.  People will complain and say 'They make you type in commands?  How primitive!' when they see me using the console.  Or they'll say 'Why don't they just use a taskbar?  Linux sucks.' when using Gnome, and the idea of installing KDE instead is totally alien to them.

I don't think we can call them 'stupid', just misinformed, really.  It's a cultural thing that's going to require a lot of education.  Although, it does smack of nitpicking sometimes.

Another fundimental problem is that people don't realize getting an unlocked iPhone costs twice as much as an openmoko phone.

Daniel Benoy
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