stupid guy! thinks it's a train wreck!

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Mon Aug 18 18:52:32 CEST 2008

> The problem of this is: you would have to review them every 1 or 2  
> weeks
> because they change so rapidly.

so?  that'd provide a very lively view of the scene indeed, and i  
think thats needed.

i can't personally set up and run the site myself, or i'd just as well  
do it, but i most certainly would participate in a weblog'y all- 
openmoko-news-and-reviews-all-the-time sort of scene with weekly news  
and updates.  what is hot, what works, what is frustrating, what is  
b0rked, what is fresh, etc.

frankly, what development is happening now is not being blagged enough  

Jay Vaughan

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