stupid guy! thinks it's a train wreck!

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Mon Aug 18 19:23:51 CEST 2008

If you're referring to "lin2log" in the YouTube comments, then I  
don't think that's the guy who made the video. The video itself shows  
the name "Dave Freyam" when it opens, and he posted the video  
elsewhere about a week before that link was uploaded to YouTube.

I don't think Freyam's done a fair review of the Freerunner, but I do  
credit him with more intelligence than that displayed by "lin2log".  
The comments that I attribute to Freyam seem to mostly have been  
posted using a nick / username of KirrinDave, and they're at least  
grammatically correct.

 From my interaction with Freyam, he seems mostly to be responding to  
the FSF article which disses the iPhone and offers Openmoko / the  
Freerunner as a potential alternative. I might speculate that one of  
Freyam's buddies or office-mate's bought a Freerunner on the basis of  
this, and he feels short-changed because he wasn't aware of the  
Freerunner's development status at the time of purchase. To be  
completely fair to him if you go tot he online store [1] 
[2] there's no indication that the Freerunner is anything less than a  
completed (and fully-polished) product.



On 18 Aug 2008, at 16:19, James Thomas Snell wrote:

> In the past I wasted far too much time going back and forth with  
> that dude on the YouTube comment system. The thing is - if you read  
> the comments, he's really really trying to provoke people. My  
> initial comment to him was that I actually agreed with a number of  
> the points he made, but felt that his evaluation was flawed in that  
> it failed to asses what the OpenMoko Neo is all about - providing a  
> dev platform. Anyway - his replies were extremely irrational and  
> highly entertaining. I think we can take some good useability  
> pointers away, but keep in mind this dude is out to envoke a  
> response from people so that he can freak out at whatever comments  
> they leave and try to make himself look like a genious.
> ...
>>>  hahahah this guy is really stupid,, check it out.. be sure to  
>>> check out his
>>>  comments!!!

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