NEO1973/GTA01 GSM End User-upgradable firmware

Salah Coronya salah.coronya at
Mon Aug 18 19:25:42 CEST 2008

I'm an owner of a Neo1973 / GTA01. On the wiki, it mentions:

12/09/2007 - We've been informed that everything legal has been agreed
upon by all parties regarding the process that would allow you to
upgrade your own GSM firmware. All that remains is to get everything
signed. Apparently the process of getting things signed takes a few

That was 8 months ago. What is the status of a solution to allow us
end-users to upgrade the firmware?

On a side note, I don't suppose a program for us Neo1973 owners to
swap our phone for a discount on a Neo Freerunner has been considered
(especially if the only way to get the GSM firmware update is to mail
it for service)? I live in North America, and the Neo1973 is geared
toward European frequencies; the power consuption on the Neo1973 makes
it virtually unusable as a phone, and now most of the development
effort is being directed toward the Freerunner and I'm afraid us
Neo1973 owners will be left in the dark with an almost unusable phone.

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