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Steve Mosher steve at
Tue Aug 19 00:22:44 CEST 2008

well, we just revamped the whole site so we will find a way to add 
descriptions of the various software stacks.

  1. shipping stack 2007. basic functionality. telephony, SMS, contacts.
  2. Download  stack: qtopia, a more polished end user experience, but
      it still has some bugs and doesnt fully expose all the hardware 
  3. Download stack OM 2008. it's pre beta, but represents our way 
forward and will expose all the new hardware.
  4. FSO. the new framework. It has some sample apps, like telephony.
  5. Debian. I havent even looked at this yet.

Freedom is a bit messy

As for new product in our store. Our distrubtors continue to take 
everything we can build. So, check with them first. Its the same
product with the same or better pricing.Our goal is not to be in the 
retail side of selling product but to empower our distributors.
Otherwise I have to spend a large amount of money building up a sales
and marketing staff. I would rather spend our money on engineering.
I would rather let those folks who already run distribution centers
use their expertise. So please check out the distributors. They
provide the same product at comparable prices.

Flyin_bbb8 wrote:
>> To be
>> completely fair to him if you go tot he online store [1]
>> [2] there's no indication that the Freerunner is anything less than a
>> completed (and fully-polished) product.
>> Stroller.
>> [1]
>> [2]
> can someone fix this issue on the , there should be a
> warning thing there about the software, Sean, Steve, Brenda, Michael?
> anyone? the website needs an update really.. and this also ? --> The
> next batch of shipments are scheduled to arrive on July 25th. , at
> least that part to be removed?
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