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Am 19.08.2008 um 13:09 schrieb Valerio Valerio:

> what do you think ?

Good idea, but I also have my project on sourceforge. So why not doing  
it the freshmeat way and enable linking to
the origin project page. It would also be good to link to the homepage  
of the projects owner as an optional homepage

Also the ipk 'repository' source is a good idea. If not all  
informations are available, why not adding that to the format ?

But I also think, there would always multible repositories or sources  
of an 'application directory'.

Another idea would be using a SOAP client for the developer to add  
additional information that will not be in the ipk file, but
automatically distributed to the web based repository.

The same SOAP client could be used for clientside application browsing  
with the functionality to install selected packages.


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