SIP on Debian

Peter Schwenke peter at
Wed Aug 20 00:57:06 CEST 2008

Russell Bryant wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 4:53 AM, Peter Schwenke <peter at
> <mailto:peter at>> wrote:
>     The problem is with the audio.  I can hear the ring for an incoming call
>     using stereoout.state.  Once the call is picked up I can hear the
>     other end.
>     Fiddling with alsa mixer I was able to get the other end to hear me from
>     the phone speaker.
> Do you know what you did specifically to get mic input working?  Did you
> happen to save off the state using alsactl?  I've been fighting the same
> thing and would rather not duplicate the effort.

Unfortunately, I was too quick in restoring the stereo state and didn't
save it and thinking "hhmmm maybe I should have saved that - aggh - I'll
find it again.".  I've been trying to replicate it but no luck.

I didn't get the input and output working together.  For the mike I
think it was the capturehandset.state then I fluked something.  I've
just been trying to replicate it.  I thought it was slider under the
playback side of things (had right mic or something).  The problem was I
was the excitement at getting the call up and then plugging/unplugging
the handset and trying different states etc.

Linphone is definitely better to try.

I don't think we'll get this working properly until we understand and
document (just found that).
So probably need to install a simple capture program and play around.


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