OpenMoko wanted :: 10th Linux Day Dornbirn (Austria) November 29th 2008

Sacha Schlegel sacha at
Wed Aug 20 10:44:42 CEST 2008

Hi openmoko community

My name is Sacha Schlegel and I am helping the Linux User Group
Vorarlberg (Austria) organising the 10th! LinuxDay in Dornbirn Austria,
on November 29th 2008 [1].

First congratulations to the success of OpenMoko and the start of sale
of Neo Freerunner!

For the one day LinuxDay we are looking for

 * OpenMoko presentations and
 * an OpenMoko booth where you can present OpenMoko and demo the phone

The Call for papers can be found here: [2] 

To contact the organisers regarding a presentation or booth please send
an email to: linuxday at

Hope to see the OpenMoko Project at the 10th LinuxDay in Dornbirn.

Kind regards

Sacha Schlegel sacha at schlegel dot li

[1] [2]

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