USB keyboard in hostmode?

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at
Wed Aug 20 19:34:01 CEST 2008

For USB Hostmode to work with power from the internal battery no
hardware modification nor usb-hub is needed.
I found the problem why my usb keyboard doesn't work within X. I still
use 2007.2 with the newest daily builds but it seems that the
"xserver-kdrive-glamo" module is too old.
There was a bug in this module which prevents an external keyboard to be
used within X. The changelog says that it is fixed, but it seems that
this fixed version is not in the feeds for 2007.2. :(
The keyboard works fine for me when i stop X and use it just in the
console. As soon as i start X again the keyboard doesn't work anymore.

Here are the ticket for this problem:

which is solved in newer versions as this log shows:;a=commit;h=cddd780c527fe923c55c1fa385fd909c419f024e

If someone find out how to upgrade to the newer fixed version of this
module than i'm happy to try it again. :)


Al Johnson wrote:
> On Tuesday 19 August 2008, Jay Vaughan wrote:
>>> Maybe i should test it with a more simple usb keyboard without any
>>> extra
>>> functions.
>> You should test your USB keyboard with the Freerunner, using a USB
>> *HUB* in between, and see if that doesn't fix things.  IFAICT, there
>> are details not-yet-well-understood regarding the nature of the
>> termination and 'pull-up' resistor normally included on standard USB
>> Host ports which may not be included with the Freerunner hardware
>> design - meaning a simple female/female convertor isn't going to be
>> enough, there will need to be a cap and a resistor included in the
>> schematic in order to make the USB Host controller onboard the
>> Freerunner believe it is talking to a proper USB hub node.  If this
>> isn't there, the controller believes its only got a single device to
>> talk with, physically, and in your case this isn't true - you've got
>> two devices onboard.  So, you need the cap and resistor, I bet.
> Do you have a source for this info? The only need for external components that 
> I'm aware of is the 15k pulldowns when charging while in host mode. This 
> information used to be in the wiki on the GTA02 Hardware page but has been 
> moved or removed. It's still in the history though:
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