Debian Install failure: Hash Sum Mismatch

Ben Holt ben at
Thu Aug 21 05:19:39 CEST 2008

Joseph Reeves wrote:
> I'm using the 512 card that shipped with the gta01. I think it's the
> same as the one that came with the FreeRunner, although I lost that
> one whilst drunk in a Chicken Cottage (it was in my wallet after I had
> removed it from the phone to fix the GPS troubles).

Sorry, but you can't just give us a smidgen of information like "I lost 
that one whilst drunk in a Chicken Cottage" without going into further 
detail.  I've "lost" plenty of money from my wallet while.... errr 
whilst... drunk, but never a SD card and never in a "chicken cottage", 
whatever the heck that is.

- Ben

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