Booting OM 2008.08 from SD - Re: Openmoko Om 2008.8 Release

yves mahe ymahe at
Thu Aug 21 17:09:45 CEST 2008

Olivier Berger wrote:
> Now, I have found a way to boot to OM 2008.8 from SD (actually VFAT +
> EXT3).
> But I'm too unable to use network over USB now (works fine if
> rebooting to 2007.2 in flash).


I've just received my Freerunner yesterday.


I'm able to boot to OM 2008.8 from SD and to use use network over USB 
with Windows XP ( with VFAT and EXT3 as described here ( and )

Today, I try the Raster version of OM 2008.8 ( ) from SD and I can't use 
network over USB anymore.

Best regards,
Yves Mahe

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