Which distribution to start with? - Noob question alert

Daniel Selinger slite at gmx.at
Fri Aug 22 01:52:22 CEST 2008

I'll receive my long awaited freerunner in the next few days, and still
wondering which distribution to go for for daily use.
I read a lot on the mailinglist, but im still completely lost in the
nothingness of space :>

Which distribution should i go for to start with. Sure i will try my
way trough all of them, but as my old phone is broken and i borrowed
one from a friend of mine, who want's it back soon, i would
like to have a distribution to start with and learn which is actually
useable, at least for making calls and sms.

Which would you prefer to start with, to learn the internals of the
freerunner, experiment with wifi, gprs and stuff before taking a look
on the other releases, while still have a useable phone.

I'm thinging of one of ASU, FSO M2, Qtopia and Debian.

One short question for the last 2 options.

Qtopia: Are the system internas, wifi, grps, bluetooth and stuff
configured and handled the same way or is completely different, as it
is from Trolltech?

Debian: I couldn't manage to definitely finding out if the debian
distribution is actually useable as a phone or if it's just a pure
debian which doesn't handle the telephony aspect of the phone at all.

Or should i still consider using the 2007 or SHR release to begin with
the phone, despite the fact that they are mainly based on the "old" gtk
apps which will likely be abondoned in the future, aren't they?

Sorry for the shitload of noob questions, and big thanks if someone
finds the time to answer some of them ^^

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