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> Hi,
> here are the URLs for Google Maps in TangoGPS:
> Alex
I have a curious problem with my FR on 2008.08: My GPS works with AGPS UI,
but TangoGPS and GPSDrive can't find the GPS device.

I checked /etc/default/gpsd and it read GPS_DEV="/dev/ttyS3"

I changed that to read GPS_DEV="/dev/ttySAC1" as recommended by

When I was on 2007.02, GPS worked with TangoGPS, but now I can't seem to get
it done even after doing as stated above.  The default Map application with
the stock 2008.08 image worked when I checked it earlier, but I don't use
the FR as a phone yet, so am not sure if it is still the case.

Anybody has some pointers?
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