GPS logger / field data collection

Abdelrazak Younes younes at
Sun Aug 24 16:15:46 CEST 2008

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Am Sonntag 24 August 2008 14:34:13 schrieb Abdelrazak Younes:
>> Here is my roadmap more or less:
>> 1) port my Ublox decoder to linux and openmoko. I plan to use CMake as
>> the build system.
>> 2) add some logger functionality to the program above so that some Ublox
>> logs can be requested.
>> 3) implement an ephemeris and almanac saving and restoring solution
>> 4) do the same as above for some SBAS messages if possible (not sure it is)
>> 5) implement a simple Qt4 navigation program using openmap.
> Sounds like a good plan. Let me note that by just using ogspd from the FSO
> framework, you could skip 1)-3)

Ah? It seems I don't know yet about this... Could you point me to the 
source code please?

> and go right to 5) (dunno about 4).

There's a number of SBAS messages that are worth saving so that the 
receiver can provider an SBAS solution quicker. But I am not sure it is 
possible to give back these messages to the ublox receiver as is 
possible for the GPS ephemerises and almanacs.

> P.S. I love LyX.



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