GPS logger / field data collection

Jim Morris ml at
Sun Aug 24 22:34:16 CEST 2008

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Sounds like a good plan. Let me note that by just using ogspd from the FSO 
> framework, you could skip 1)-3) and go right to 5) (dunno about 4).

I just ported xgps to Qtopia, this was of course using the client for gpsd.

Qtopia does not currently use frameworkd, do you know if there are plans for qtopis to use it? (I'm 
not switching to FSO yet) If not can I install ogpsd standalone? I'd be happy to port my qtgps test 
app to use that instead of gpds, although the only thing I like about gpsd is the ability to connect 
to it from my destopk so I can develop the UI there, but I guess I can do an tcp daemon that talks 
to dbus, unless there is already one.

The code and executable for the current qtgps which seems to gun on Qtopia ok with gpsd is here, if 
it helps anyone.

Jim Morris,

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