USB keyboards "silent" in terminal (FSO)

Fredrik Wendt fredrik at
Mon Aug 25 00:48:24 CEST 2008

ons 2008-08-20 klockan 11:09 +1000 skrev Carsten Haitzler:

> aaah excellent. my "hardware keyboard detection" works... reported with
> bluetooth and usb... excellent! happiness is me. :)

When is it supposed to kick in? I just can't get it to work ... Under
FSO M2 I got /dev/input/event5 populated (after manually switching to
USB host mode), and it works in console but ran into regarding X.

from buildhost/daily/freerunner/ I get zip out of the same keyboard that
worked with FSO M2.

I tried connecting the USB keyboard after my FreeRunner was connected to
my laptop (first: FR connected to laptop, unplug, plug keyboard to FR)
and also have the USB keyboard connected on boot (first: FR is off,
connect keyboard, power on FR).

Not having pand in that devel-image really made things more difficult to
test. I guess I could try getting FR to use wifi and ssh from my
computer to see what's going on, but using bluetooth is just easier to
set up.

/ Fredrik
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