ASU keyboards, again

julien cubizolles j.cubizolles at
Tue Aug 26 12:35:53 CEST 2008

I've installed raster's image, mainly to get its great keyboard, and I
love being able to switch modes/adding my own (french keyboard).

However I have some isssues.

1 : sometimes, an application calls a keyboard and I get stuck with the
old keyboard. Is there a way to prevent that from opening so that no
matter what I always get raster's one ?

2 : I don't understand how "predicive" those two keyboards are. For me
predictive would mean suggesting the n+1 (or n+p) character when I have
pressed n keys. At the moment the only thing it does is suggesting
several combination of n keys, to correct some typos I would have made.
It's very annoying since the word I correctly typed isn't necessarily
displayed among those suggestions. Is that how a "predictive" is
supposed to work or am I missing something here ?

Btw Is there a way to scroll through the suggestions of the predictive
keyboard ?

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