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> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> > but as such it will display the most likely matches in the dictionary based
> > on how far the "typo" is from the word (the closest wins). it doesn't try
> > and predict at all - only "fix" so you have to type all the letters - it
> > just makes up for typos and a "fat finger" on a "small screen". press
> > top-left dictionary icon to select dictionaries when no word is being
> > composed (select this to list ALL matches - EXACTLY what you typed will be
> > the first thing in the list always
> > - if you select it it gets added to your personal dictionary so it can match
> > and fix your typos later).
> Well I have to say that it doesn't work always as expected... :/ I'm 
> comparing the prediction of the illume keyboard with the one of the 
> qtopia keyboard and using the same dictionary (well, in different 
> formats but it contains in both cases the same 446674 words).
> So, using the qtopia keyboard the correction applies always, while with 
> the illume keyboard the more the word is long and more the 
> typo-correction fails.

how are you using the correction? are you just taking he "most like;y" 1 word
only - it should list all corrections - the one you want should be there -
without frequency information it may not be the most likely match though. it
could also be that the with illume the .kbd sets the "fuzz" value - this is the
search distance for neighbouring keys. this fuzz value may be too low for your
fingers? i really need to know more. also the algorithm for sorting "best
match" is commented with FIXME's - it's very simple, so if it gets the
correction listed (check the full list by pressing the top-left dictionary
icon) then it's finding it - just not sorting it that well. if it is not there
- it's likely a fuzz value issue. a user config for multiplying the fuzz value
might be good (to increase search space).

and is it really the same dictionary? how are you creating the illume and qpe

> Using smaller dictionaries the things improves, but my dictionary isn't 
> complete yet :o!

hmm - if it isnt working well for you i am interesting in fixing it - so i'm
probing for info. :)
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