Third request: what *is* the warranty on the Freerunner?

tokenwizard tokenwizard at
Wed Aug 27 13:43:54 CEST 2008

Ok, well as soon  as I have time to deal with it I'll have to try and
Frankenstein some type of power cable contraption to get this thing booted
to the point the USB charge can kick in. Seems a little premature for such a
function to kick in when the battery is only slightly less that half
charged. Effectively, halving the battery capacity.

Guess it's back to my Sony Ericsson once more.

Michael Shiloh wrote:
> tokenwizard wrote:
>> Well, I guess you guys were right about the battery. 0.02V!! What I don't
>> get
>> is how the hell the battery could go from almost half a charge to
>> completely
>> dead in the instant I plugged in the USB??
> Sounds like the built-in under voltage protection circuit. When the 
> voltage falls below a certain level it flips a switch to avoid total 
> discharge, and as soon as it's charged above some level it flips back on.
>> Yorick Moko wrote:
>>> On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 3:43 AM, tokenwizard <tokenwizard at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> I have one for you...
>>>> I have been "using" my freerunner for about three weeks now. I ordered
>>>> it
>>>> through as soon as it was possible and I got it about three
>>>> weeks
>>>> later. The OM2007 on it was next to useless so I updated and found a
>>>> bit
>>>> more functionality. Later I installed Qtopia and I really liked that
>>>> most
>>>> of
>>>> the functionality was there, but I still wanted to run an OM distro, so
>>>> I
>>>> tried the ASU 2008.8. I really dislike where that one is going as far
>>>> as
>>>> the
>>>> illume UI. So I went back to 2008.4 and kept it that way for a bit.
>>>> TOday
>>>> I
>>>> plugged my phone into the USB on my PC to charge as I always have
>>>> (while
>>>> the
>>>> phone was running) and the screen immediately went black. No, with this
>>>> being a development phone, this didn't really phase me at first. This
>>>> thing
>>>> has seen its fair share of mysterious power issues. But this time was
>>>> different. No matter what I do, I cannot get the damn thing to come
>>>> back
>>>> to
>>>> life. I know it's not the battery because it was almost half full when
>>>> I
>>>> plugged it in.  But I have tried holding the Power button for 10
>>>> seconds,
>>>> and the Power/Aux and Aux/Power combos. I've tried these thing both
>>>> with
>>>> and
>>>> without the AC adapter attached and after pulling the battery for about
>>>> a
>>>> minute.
>>>> It seems as I have a dead phone now. I don't even hear that distinctive
>>>> little hiss that you normally hear when you first press the Power
>>>> button!
>>>> Anybody seen this before??
>>>> James
>>>> steve-2 wrote:
>>>>>   I have a tiny tiny head so all the hats fit.
>>>>> we are putting together a policy for people who bought from the
>>>>> openmoko
>>>>> store. there are several issues. We offer a 14 day DOA Warrenty and a
>>>>> 28
>>>>> day warrenty for 10 packs. The issue is what does DOA mean? Dead on
>>>>> Arrival.
>>>>> If your GSM doesnt work, but getting a download fixes it? is that DOA?
>>>>> If your GSM doesnt work but getting a new card fixes it? is that DOA?
>>>>> same with GPS, did the software download fix it?
>>>>> If you send the phone back and it works  fine, what to do?
>>>>> if you send back a phone and it works fine, who pays for shipping?
>>>>> Now in the US at retail you can return something if the sky is blue.
>>>>> We can't work that way and build a open source phone. well, we can
>>>>> but the cost of blue sky returns would have to be added to the phone.
>>>>> In the end, as micheal will tell you, I work every case. So, If you
>>>>> have
>>>>> a problem, email me or micheal. tell us that you tried the fixes we
>>>>> suggested. And we will work from there.
>>>>> Michael Shiloh wrote:
>>>>>> ian douglas wrote:
>>>>>>> Sean/Michael/Community:
>>>>>>> It's been asked several times, especially regarding the GPS/SD
>>>>>>> "fixes"
>>>>>>> and people ordering pico-farad capacitors and soldering irons ...
>>>>>>> I'm
>>>>>>> hoping that at some point the "squeaky wheel" cliche will work
>>>>>>> itself
>>>>>>> out and we'll get an answer.
>>>>>>> The boxes the Freerunners came in gave no information about
>>>>>>> warranty,
>>>>>>> we
>>>>>>> need to hear from Openmoko about what exactly the warranty does
>>>>>>> cover?
>>>>>>> My understanding of the warranty time limit is that single purchases
>>>>>>> got
>>>>>>> a 14-day "warranty", and group purchases were given a 28-day
>>>>>>> "warranty",
>>>>>>> but we've never been told what the warranty includes.
>>>>>>> I'd really like to outline some of this on the wiki since we're
>>>>>>> cleaning
>>>>>>> it all up, etc., and since few users will ever search the mailing
>>>>>>> list
>>>>>>> archives anyway.
>>>>>>> Will it include any recall/repairs needed to fix the GPS/SD problems
>>>>>>> at
>>>>>>> a hardware level?
>>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>>> Ian
>>>>>> Ian, I agree with you, and I'm sure Steve and Sean (and everyone at
>>>>>> Openmoko) do as well.
>>>>>> I'm sure that the only reason that Steve has not responded (for he is
>>>>>> the one to respond to this) is that he is completely overwhelmed by
>>>>>> email, manufacturing and shipping, and releasing stuff this week. He
>>>>>> is
>>>>>> wearing the hats of Marketing, Operations, Manufacturing, Shipping,
>>>>>> Testing, Hardware and Software final test, Field Engineer Manager,
>>>>>> Customer Service Manager, Product Oversight (a new category I just
>>>>>> created), Trade Show Coordinator, Vertical Market Manager, and many
>>>>>> others I can't even remember.
>>>>>> I will be talking to him today and I'll see if we can address this
>>>>>> issue.
>>>>>> Thanks for helping to keep us focused,
>>>>>> Michael
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>>> I've had this problem before
>>> I removed the battery, waited a few minutes, inserted the battery
>>> again and connected the FR through USB to my pc. After 10minutes or so
>>> it *magically* booted out of its own... I didn't touch it or do
>>> something on the pc that might have caused it...
>>> When booted it showed the battery still had 80% juice left...
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