USB cable hacking

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Wed Aug 27 15:56:49 CEST 2008


> Problem is, the ID pin apparently exists only on the Mini-B connector,
> and doesn't have a corresponding wire inside the USB cable. Has
> anybody on the list done USB connector hacking, and have any tips on
> how to get a resistor in there without interfering with plug in
> operation?

I made a cable with the resistor. Unfortunately I had to cut right
down to the miniusb connector and open the housing to solder to the id
pin. It sort of worked to use shrinkwrap to close everything up, but
the shrinkwrap slips a little when I use the plug. I probably should
just superglue it so it won't slip.

> Also, what part of the software exactly is responsible for charger
> detection? I guess another possibility is to hack the software to
> recognize shorted data pins as a charger.

there is an application out there... I forget the name... it makes you
play a sort of insulting game of clicking a fast-charge button several
times hidden in a field of never-mind buttons before it will kick it
in. Anyway, someone should do this right with just a single
old-fashioned confirmation dialog.


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