Partitioning 4GB with the Debian Installer

arne anka openmoko at
Thu Aug 28 09:52:53 CEST 2008

> but when I run './install all' I still get:
> Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information:
> Warning, had trouble writing out superblocks.done

doesn't sound good.

> if I try './install mount' I get:
> [errors]

well, w/o superblocks mounting doesn't work

> Also, if I just end up partitioning this from my desktop machine, should
> I make a 8mb ext2 and the rest ext3?

for the installer that's the default, i guess. if you change the layout  
you will have to mount manually before proceeding, since the installer  
(imo) would not know about separate partitions for usr, var, ...
re the filesystems: the u-boot has an entry for fat+ext2 -- either you  
change taht/ add an entry for ext2+ext3 or you use fat+ext2.
secondly, the installer assumes ext2 imo, since etx3 is not recommended  
for sd card.

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