2008.8 update

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 12:00:55 CEST 2008

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 2:51 PM, Yorick Moko <yorickmoko at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just for clarity's sake:
> When using Om2008.8-upgrade, which feeds do we need to use?
> http://downloads.openmoko.org/repository/Om2008.8/
> or zecke's feeds?
> or do we have to wait a little bit?
> thanks
> y
> Before the 2008.8_26 release, I was using the Zecke-testing feed to get the
phone in a usable state.  After disabling that feed, some packages just
didn't upgrade, so I had to enable it to update them.

After disabling the Zecke-testing feed again (after last night's upgrade),
opkg can upgrade against the normal OM2008.8-update, although the only
package I could find with an upgrade was Angstrom-version (1 hour ago).

So, anyway, if you have used Zecke's feeds before, do one final upgrade and
then you can be on the mainstream feed.  When will we see significant
updates to it, by the way?
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