Power drain on slee, Was: Customize Debian image in a mini desktop

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Thu Aug 28 14:40:31 CEST 2008

>>     on an off note; I was testing suspend time day before yesterday,
>> battery 100%, Zhone,xterm,keyboard running(minimum apps I need).
>> Suspended FR at 3AM. tried to wake it up at 9AM (6hrs). FR battery is
>> dead. battery reads 3.16V on multimeter. FR refuses to boot/charge the
>> battery. Had to find a different battery to boot then hot swap the
>> battery while charging to get back my FR. Lesson learned: Neo likes to
>> be plugged in when (user is) asleep.
> Quite strange, my Freerunner stays reliably in sleep (unless someone
> calls and I don’t notice, of course), and consumes only a reasonable
> amount of power – about what Timo reported in the “29 hours in suspend
> => 70% battery left” thread.
> I use the kernel from 2008-08-05 (too lazy to upgrade). What’s yours?

there has to be crucial change in one of the last updates.
i upgraded tuesday night and seem to see the same problem -- i still use  
the kernel from installation, but the power goes down really quick.
took it from the charger at about 8:00 and now it is at about 40%, though  
i had it suspending.

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