New tslib xsrelease with right click

Andre Roth lynx at
Fri Aug 29 23:06:07 CEST 2008


> > this works nicely for xfce, however using fluxbox nothing happens. 
> > a right click over X11vnc shows the fluxbox menu. 
> > does the right click somehow depend on the window manager ?
> no the right click does not depend on the window manager. but there
> reports on strange behavior on other systems than the FR. may be that
> are the same reasons. i will test this myself. may be i find the reason
> why it don't do. may be it is because when you put the stylus down a
> left down event is produced until some time a left up and than a right
> down event is generated. can you please try this sequence via x11vnc?

I hope I understood you correctely: without moving the mouse I pressed
the left mouse button, released it and pressed the right. result: the
fluxbox menu shows up. even if I dont release the left button...

but I had the impression, that when using fluxbox the mouse pointer
"shakes" under the pen a lot more than in xfce (it's jumping 1 pixel
here and there). maybe the mous speed is a problem ?



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