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Stroller stroller at
Sun Aug 31 07:37:05 CEST 2008

On 30 Aug 2008, at 05:34, Rod Whitby wrote:

> Stroller wrote:
>> I thought the "standard" now was unlimited data plans.
> ...
>> You have my sympathies if you're not on an unlimited data plan, Ole,
>> but I would see unlimited data use as the long-term expectation of
>> OpenMoko projects.
> Please don't assume that everyone has unlimited data plans.

"Please don't assume" probably won't prevent developers from doing so.

It would probably be better to educate readers about WHY we shouldn't  
assume data transfer via GPRS to be massively cheap & affordable.

Where are you?
Are unlimited data plans completely unavailable there? Or just  
How much does data transfer cost there? (comparison of data cost  
relative to calls?)
Why is this? A teleco monopoly?
Why is the situation unlikely to change in the foreseeable?

> It is not
> as common in many parts of the world as it is in your part of the  
> world.

Great, so enlighten me. Saying "please don't assume that everyone has  
unlimited data plans" just makes me think, "oooh, look! here's  
someone as cantankerous as I". If you want me to REMEMBER you when  
developing my hypothetical ultimate mail client then tell me  
something memorable about data plans in your country.

As the son of Lancastrian blood, I can sympathise with  
parsimoniousness, but right now Ole's suggestion appears penny- 
pinching to me, rather than practical & prudent economising.  
Enlighten me otherwise! I always wish to be educated.

> I expect the IMAP client on my openmoko phone to be able to  
> download all
> my email for offline reading, deleting, and replying on the bus with
> *no* internet connectivity, and then sync all those changes seamlessly
> to the server as soon as I get the next internet connection.

I expect that, too. Certainly under my data plan this would be  
essential for foreign holidays.

> ... Assuming an always-on connection (as
> opposed to just taking advantage of one when it is available) is a
> backwards step.

Or insightful and simple forward thinkingness, depending upon your  


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