Michael Kluge vollseil at
Sun Aug 31 08:12:54 CEST 2008

 > > At the risk ob beeing called a parrot I want to ask the same 
question again:
 > > Is anyone able to build a 2008.08 image with Mokomakefile?

 >Yes, I am building all of the images.

Which branch from asu? dev? stable?

 > It is slow. The first time you have to start the make over and over 
again until your are done...
 > But thats all in the wiki page. So you might need a day or two.

I is not a question how long it takes. For me a couple of packages are 
broken in asu.stable. At least pixman and xtrans (or something like 
this) do not compile.

 > Do not use the parallel modus. It only breaks the make earlier.

It worked well for me for the 2007.04 stack.


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