prediction feature for the keyboard

Fredrik Wendt fredrik at
Sun Aug 31 19:49:31 CEST 2008

sön 2008-08-31 klockan 15:09 +0200 skrev Björn Martensen:
> Hi,
> [...] Is it somehow possible to get the "likelyness" of the next letter to be
> written (and even the ones after that, es dasher even recognizes words)
> from dasher and use this information to dynamically change the size of
> the input areas?
> What do you think about this idea?

It might work. The downside is that with a "fixed sized" key setup
you'll learn how far to extend your fingers to hit a specific key. The
fifth time you write "internet" you'll know where to put your fingers
(muscle/motoric memory) and hitting the s in interns is close to e. Bad
example but I think you get what I'm after. The user might have a harder
time learning where to push to hit a specific letter.

Don't know if that's realistic at all, I guess your suggestion really is
a good idea in most cases. :)

Another idea:
I'd love to tap morse code on the phone's shell/casing and use the mic
(the accelerometers oscillates to much to be usable for this I think) to
interpret it into letters. :-D

Just my 0.02 SEK

/ Fredrik
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