auxlaunch ver 0.6

Al Iasid aliasid at
Mon Dec 1 00:24:07 CET 2008


Here's info on an update to "auxlaunch", (finger-friendly
app launcher and window switcher). Download at [1] and
wiki page at [2]. Version 0.6 changes include:

- New '-noaux' option as alternative to claiming the
AUX button.
- At startup, if another auxlaunch instance is running,
signal it (to appear) then exit current instance.
- Use rc file in user's home directory.
- Use fork and execvp to launch apps.
- Bug fix: mode now set to WIN on gaining focus.
- Started using version control (at
- Removed pesky /r's. (Thanks to Timo for the alert.)
- DMS: Shortened 'Applicatons' to 'Apps'.

Comments and patches always welcome. Many thanks to Joachim
"nomeata" Breitner, "chrysn", and "ben" for their contributions and


- aliasid
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