Announce: omnewrotate 0.5.0

NZIdol ido.lelie at
Mon Dec 1 11:58:46 CET 2008


Have been playing around with your code and figured out what the possible
problem is with the zero values. You essentially try to read 4 packets from
the device in 1 read and then decode them into x,y and z assuming they are
always send in the same order. However it looks like the sensor/driver does
not send a string when the measured value is 0, (can even been seen with
hexdump, I'm using SHR with updated kernel from bug 2145 to get around the
threshold problem.)  If that happens your xyz may get the wrong values
resulting in , you'll have to check each message for type and code before
you use the value. Efficiency is good, but be careful with shortcuts....
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