Optimization team update (11/23 ~ 11/29)

Neil Jerram neiljerram at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 1 22:29:48 CET 2008

2008/11/30 John Lee <john_lee at openmoko.com>:
> Echo:
> Since there are different hw versions out there (a5, a6, a7), it's
> impossible to provide one alsa state file that suits all models.
> However, it seems you can always find appropriate values for your
> neo.  My way is to adjust
> control.4 Speaker Playback Volume in
> /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/gsmhandset.state
> the max value is 127, 95 works best on my a5.  With volume level 3 or
> 4 in qtopia dialer, the other side can hear no echo while I get good
> audio quality.

Apologies in advance for what may be a dumb question - but does this
statement represent the conclusion of your team's work on audio issues
(buzz/echo/hiss etc.)?  Or is there further work ongoing?

I very much hope the latter.  At the very least, I feel we need a
definitive and full description from your team of what the issues are,
and the best available solutions (hardware and/or software) for them.
If some of those solutions are version (a5, a6, ...) dependent, then
they must include precise instructions on how an Openmoko user can
determine which version they have.

Once that description is available, either you or someone else can
turn it into some kind of code or package, so that we can all take
advantage of it.

I know there is already a lot of google-able data on this, but in my
view this is not useful even for an experienced user/programmer, as
- it is all reported anecdotally and subjectively
- there is simply too much of it to digest.
So the detailed status needs to come from your team.  I also assume
(hope!) that you must have equipment specifically for detecting and
measuring such audio effects, so I expect you can do a much better job
of optimizing whatever needs to be optimized than all of us
enthusiasts who don't have that equipment.

Best wishes,

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